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How to destroy a Washing Machine:

This is what happens when you feed them after midnight.


How to Startle a Bison:

1) Stalk the animal
2) Throw a bottle to see what happens
3) ???
4) Profit !!!

This is why you don’t Fuck with Mother Nature

Surfing Sheep (28.03.2011)

Today we learn how to teach surfing to sheeps.

60 things in 60 seconds

Revenge on the Vuvuzela (22.10.10)

This pesky instrument should have been blended a long time ago.

Divide By 0 (26.09.2010)


Today we will learn about the dangers of dividing something by 0.

Here is a quick guide that will ensure your survival if you decide to listen to its advices.

Firstly, do not try to learn more about this method:

Oh Look I Understan---

Do not try this at home:

Nor In The Wilderness:

Nor Anywhere Outdoor:

But mostly if you succeed at doing this, you will disrupt the space-time Continuum itself !!!

Space Continuum GG

The Time Continuum is GG

You have been warned..

Avoiding Sad face is the key to success

Evolution (16.06.2010)

Know the difference (12.06.2010)

Texting Your Way To Love (07.06.2010)