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Bison Attack (03.04.2011)

How to Startle a Bison:

1) Stalk the animal
2) Throw a bottle to see what happens
3) ???
4) Profit !!!

This is why you don’t Fuck with Mother Nature

Sheepocalypse (08.01.2011)

They are coming for you

Hell Sheep (Ovis Infernalis) are quadrupedal, ruminant abominations typically kept as livestock.

Like all ruminants, they shall eat your carpets and feast on your soul.

British animal voiceovers


lawnmowers were never meant to serve us humans and its about time someone caught a lawnmower in its natural habitat.

We should release them back into the wild

Ticklish Camel (04.09.2010)

What the hell ??!!

A little science damnit !!

( disregard the last 20 seconds with personal comments )

The Death of a Spider

Avoiding Sad face is the key to success