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Bison Attack (03.04.2011)

How to Startle a Bison:

1) Stalk the animal
2) Throw a bottle to see what happens
3) ???
4) Profit !!!

This is why you don’t Fuck with Mother Nature

Batman Pug (03.04.2011)


With a Remix:

Half Life in 60 seconds (30.03.2011)

Zombie Apostles (06.03.2011)


When the Christ said “Take, eat: this is my body
They ate the body of the Christ.

History ( 10.02.2011)

Irvin -” Yesterday, She said she would call me back! ”
Cigo – “It’s a lie..”
Eratian – “Indeed.. ”

Irvin- ” Bu she said she had fun !!”
Cigo – “It’s a trap..”
Eratian – “Indeed.. ”

History is a series of lies on which we agree.

Gay Skeletor (09.01.2011)

I shall destroy you with my gayness

Baby Gordon (08.01.2011)

Luna Lovegood (08.01.2011)

They are coming for you

Hell Sheep (Ovis Infernalis) are quadrupedal, ruminant abominations typically kept as livestock.

Like all ruminants, they shall eat your carpets and feast on your soul.