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The whole Spanish inquisition episode with the 3 parts.

Poke Her, with the soft.. Cushions!!!


Garbage Day!!!! (07.04.2010)

What kind of evil, black hearted and soul-less villain shoots a man whilst he is taking out the garbage?

Llama Song (03.04.2010)

For your sanity, no more than 3 loops 😀

Orson Welles Clapping

Ağlama Melis

ağlama melis

Köklü bir geçmişin var büyüksün sen benua.

Killer Bunny (21.03.2010)

It’s just a rabbit!!

Step 1)  What is / How to use Rick Roll

Step 2) The tool of destruction

Step 89) Live example of a successful Rick Roll

O RLY? ( 20.03.2010 )

The Original O_RLY Owl:

The standart YA RLY Owl:

How to use and history of O_RLY :

The original Keyboard Cat:

The Whole meaning of this Meme:

What Is Love (20.03.2010 )